Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. From the outset the Cambridge Research Park campus landscaping and adjoining nature reserve was designed to encourage maximum biodiversity. The park’s buildings were all constructed using sustainable materials, with a strong emphasis on re-use and recycling.

The park’s ongoing management is conducted in a highly sustainable way, with natural landscaping waste extensively recycled and composted. Any ongoing refurbishment works including improvements to M&E systems are all designed to achieve a BREEAM rating of very good or better. At the time of writing an audit for ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Certification) was being undertaken.


Cambridge Research Park has a good relationship with Amey Waste Management Company with compost and pallets being donated free of charge.


Cambridge Research Park is a supporter of ‘Stars’ which is a charity for young people in Cambridgeshire who are facing grief. A number of fundraising events are held throughout the year to support the work of the charity


The park is already so much more than the sum of its parts. Our goal has always been to encourage its growing businesses to interact, exchange ideas and benefit from being together. To this end we actively strive to nurture a community of businesses through a range of communal activities, networking events and shared social experiences. We also encourage and help to maintain a positive and beneficial relationship between all of our occupiers and their landlord.



These are a series of shared goody bowls left at strategic points throughout the park’s office buildings and café. Several have been themed to encourage our occupiers to think about sustainability, including growing sunflowers from shared seeds to working using a free recycled pencil we’ve provided.

Other fun and occasionally intriguing bowls have showcased everything from adult colouring books and eco-friendly toiletry samples to Jaffa cakes and Easter eggs.