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Lexapro is used for treating depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

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Cheaper version of lexapro. One of the two, Lexapro has been shown to be more effective than standard antidepressants, but Lexapro is still more expensive. While Lexapro doesn't work for everyone, the FDA has approved Lexapro because it's generally considered a safe and effective medication. There isn't much to lose by taking these drugs — but you don't have to decide between the two. If you've already started on antidepressants, this might be a good time to switch back and combine medications. 3. Don't stop taking medication without a doctor's approval. As a general rule, antidepressants are safe when taken as prescribed. But if you continue to have unwanted side effects from your current depression, talk to doctor. She might be able to help you find a less expensive antidepressant, or she might encourage you to explore alternative medications or counseling. 4. Get to know your depression. It's never too late to improve your depression. For most people, depression is treatable. Ask your doctor if depression is affecting your ability to work, how you cope with stress, well sleep at night or how you feel about life. Your doctor will help you understand the cause of your depression, and she might suggest a number of different treatments. Talk to your doctor learn which treatment works best for you, including therapy. 5. Make a list of all medications and supplements you take. Keep this list handy and available at all times. A complete list of all medications your doctor is prescribing you can be found here, and a list of any supplements lexapro with diet pills you take can also be found here. Ask your doctor for a list of every medication that your medications have in common — what you might call "tolerances." This helps you keep track of what dosage you're taking, and if a substitution might work better for you. Your list also can explain why your depression is worsening. doctor might ask you to discuss any changes your lexapro pill doses medications with colleagues and family members. 6. See your doctor for depression follow-up appointments (which are sometimes referred to as visits). There are sometimes times when your treatment with antidepressants and therapy doesn't work as well it should, so your doctor might want you to make an appointment with a new doctor. The appointment will help your treatment team know how current plan is lexapro cheaper working, and what steps to take next. If your depression worsens while you're following your doctor's recommended treatment, doctor may want you to continue on your current treatment. Some people decide not to continue antidepressants while they're being observed by a new doctor. If this happens, you may need another type of treatment for your depression, such as antidepressant medications, cognitive behavioral therapy or another medication. You might need to stop taking medication temporarily or for many months at a time, depending on the severity of.

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