One of the park’s occupier companies is playing its part in the ongoing battle to find a vaccine or therapy to treat
COVID19. STEMCELL Technologies, based in Building 7100, develops cell cultures, cell separation systems, instruments
and other reagents for use in life sciences research.

Pneumacult, one of the company’s cell culture products, has been used by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control to
isolate the Coronavirus and determine its genetic sequence. This is a major early step in the search to develop a vaccine.
The company’s EasySep cell isolation product has also been used to separate COVID19 antibody producing cells from the
blood as part of the ongoing development of a therapy or therapies to treat the virus.

Finally, STEMCELL’s organoids are at the cutting edge of ongoing research into COVID19. Grown from stem cells,
organoids are miniature three-dimensional human tissue substitutes used in the research for a potential drug candidate.
Although based at Cambridge Research Park, STEMCELL is part of a worldwide collaboration of scientists and scientific
companies working towards a solution to the pandemic.